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Integrate Conversational Marketing with Your CRM

Use DiALOGiFY’s seamless integrations and two-way-synchronization for an authentic conversational marketing experience with dialog funnels and gamification. Add marketing quizzes, FAQs, and continuously enrich your contact profiles.

Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or Hubspot allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. Its detailed reporting can help you keep improving over time. Connecting your CRM to DiALOGiFY will create a new DiALOGiFY UID for every new subscriber to your chosen contact lists. Continuously sync mapped profile attributes from DiALOGiFY to your CRM. Use the feature “Start a dialog in your emails” for your email campaigns to spark dialogs and enrich your contact profiles.

• Sync your mailing list subscribers with DiALOGiFY
• Add new subscribers from Dialogs to the list
• Map the fields from DiALOGiFY and your CRM
• Opt for double opt-in through your CRM, send a specific email and mention it in your dialog
• Send personalized Dialogs to all your lists contacts or just one; it’s up to you
• Emails are sent via DiALOGiFY, or the CRM linked
• Trigger automation in DiALOGiFY or your CRM

Set up your workflow:
1. Create a new List in your CRM (e.g., DiALOGiFY Contacts) or choose the general one.
2. Add any relevant fields that you would want to have available in Dialogues (e.g. Full address).
3. Go to the DiALOGiFY Dashboard and add a brand group.
4. In Integrations, add the relevant integration and list.
5. Map all fields from DiALOGiFY to the available ones in the CRM.
6. Add the synchronization to your brand group in the DiALOGiFY Dashboard.
7. Add the brand group in the launch step of the campaigns you would like to capture and sync the data from.

Pro Tips:
1. Only text fields can be synced as of now (you might use hidden interactions in Dialog campaigns).
2. Note that the profile tags are automatically synced.
3. All existing contacts in your CRM list will be synced, and a DiALOGiFY UID is automatically added.
4. You can add the UID to any campaign ID in your emails to start personalized dialogs.
5. All content will continuously be synced between your CRM and DiALOGiFY
6. Use any field that is synced to trigger automation in your CRM.